Japanese Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

If you’re looking to surprise your partner with something a little different this year, Japanese Valentine’s Day gifts are the way to go. From too-cute-to-be-true kokeshi dolls to ornate silk kimono, there’s an appropriate Japanese-style Valentine’s Day gift out there for everyone. In Japan, girls or women typically give chocolate to male friends, family, colleagues, bosses and so on. The favour is then returned a month later on 14th March. This is known as White Day, where the men who received a gift on Valentine’s Day express their gratitude with – you guessed it – chocolate. This has yet to catch on in the UK, so instead, we recommend treating your partner to some authentic Japanese-style Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are some great ideas to get you started!  

Top Five Japanese Valentine’s  Day Gifts

A person in an authentic red kimono gifted from Japan adorned with white and yellow flowers
1)      Silk Kimono Intricately patterned and gloriously soft, the authentic silk kimono is a thing of beauty. And unlike chocolates, the novelty won’t wear off either; your partner can continue to enjoy lounging about, cloaked in silky softness, long after Valentine’s Day has passed. We also have kimono for ladies and gents available, as well as a range of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind vintage kimono. A vibrant red Japanese Kokeshi doll adorned with white flowers and cranes
2)      Kokeshi Dolls Originally hand-carved by farmers in Northern Japan as tokens of love and friendship, kokeshi dolls make perfect, pint-sized presents for the loved one in your life. Pick up our popular ‘Happy Family’ Kokeshi dolls to represent a long life together. Alternatively, the ‘Two Cranes in Love’ doll is designed with two cranes to symbolise luck, longevity and fidelity – a gorgeous symbol for your relationship. Minimalist art with a black calligraphy symbol on white enhanced by a small pink flower
3)      Saren Nagata Calligraphy Prints If you find it hard to express your feelings, why not let a calligraphy print do the talking for you? Saren Nagata’s art collection includes floral-inspired kanji calligraphy conveying sentiments like ‘you made a difference to my world’, ‘may all your dreams come true’ and ‘love is all you need’. A wooden box with brown incense sticks and an accompanying lid showcasing gold Japanese symbols
4)      Incense One of the most well-liked products to give would have to be incense. This Japanese gift is rich in history and goes back hundreds of years to when it was first introduced into the country by China. Some of the popular ingredients used in traditional Japanese incense include sandalwood, clove, rhubarb, cinnamon and agarwood. A smiling white maneki-neko figure with brown and black spots - one paw lifted
5)      Lucky Cats To bring your partner good health, riches or happiness, a Japanese lucky cat is a sweet gesture. Choose the one that best fits your wishes for them –  a white one for happiness, a gold one for good fortune, or a green one for success in their studies. Sizes and styles vary so whether you’re looking for a small and minimalistic addition to your partner’s space or a larger and more ornate piece, we have one for you.   Feeling inspired? Browse our full range of Japanese gifts for Valentine’s Day and find the perfect present for someone you admire. They’re all available for delivery, and gift wrapping can be included free of charge. Barentain omedetou! (Happy Valentine’s Day!)
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