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10 Must-Buy Japanese Christmas Presents

It’s official – there’s only a month left until Christmas. The countdown is on to accumulate the perfect gifts for your loved ones! If you have a shinnichi in your life, or are just on the hunt for unique Japanese Christmas presents, we are here to make your decisions a lot easier. Japan boasts some of the most beautiful and unique gifts in the world, and gift-giving etiquette is important. However, if you aren’t lucky enough to visit Japan over the coming weeks, we have put together a list of our top ten Japanese Christmas present ideas and stocking fillers so you can impress your loved ones this festive season.

Top Ten Japanese Christmas Present Ideas

  1. Men’s Cotton Japanese Nemaki Kimono

Our authentic kimonos, also known as yukata or nemaki in Japanese, are made from the finest quality materials and come in a wide range of prints and sizes suitable for all ages and genders. This particular addition to The Japanese Shop is made from pure cotton and is perfectly lightweight for easy wearing around the home. A luxury item for a stylish man in your life. Japanese Mens Kimono

2. Black and White Cat Japanese Bowl Set

If you’re sourcing Japanese Christmas presents for the cat lover in your life, look no further than our duo rice bowl set! This set includes black and white ceramic rice bowls with cat face designs, as well as two sets of chopsticks. These bowls are perfect for any meal and could even be used as cereal bowls. White and Black Japanese Tableware Set

3. Hiroshige Japanese Wall Calendar 2022

Start planning for the new year with this beautiful Hiroshige Japanese wall calendar. Whilst we have a range of Japanese calendars available, Hiroshige’s ukiyo-e art evokes the human experience of the natural world with beautiful drawings of sites such as Ueno Park in Tokyo and the Koume Embankment of the Yotsugi-dori Canal. This calendar is printed with soy-based ink on FSC-certified paper. 2022 Hiroshige calendar cover from The Japanese Shop, showcasing a typical Japanese woodblock print

4. Red Floral Traditional Japanese Jewellery Box

If you’re searching for something a little different this year then this jewellery box is certainly for you. A spin on a usual jewellery box, the floral traditional jewellery box has a twist-to-open pouch that was traditionally used to keep incense, but now is used for jewellery and keepsakes. Available in a range of colours and designs, this jewellery box is certainly unique. Why not make up a beauty-themed gift set and pair it with hair accessories, a lipstick case and a compact mirror? Red Floral Traditional Japanese Jewellery Box

5. Yellow Happy Girl Kokeshi Doll

Hard to come by in the UK, kokeshi dolls are ideal if you’re seeking more unique Christmas present ideas, especially for recipients with an eye for all things cute and cultural. This bright and cheerful kokeshi doll is perfect as a first kokeshi doll or to add a splash of sunshine to an existing collection. Don’t forget to place her on a display base! If you’re looking to add some Japanese flair to your Christmas decorations, see our range of Christmas kokeshi dolls, with miniature and full-size versions available. Yellow Happy Girl Authentic Kokeshi Doll

6. Bamboo Sushi Gift Set

Allowing you to recreate authentic Japanese dining at home, the Bamboo sushi dish set has a unique and minimalist blue and white geometric pattern on each dish. The set is made in Japan from high-quality ceramic and is exclusive to The Japanese Shop. A perfect gift for a couple or an individual, the set includes two of each: rectangular plates, dishes for soy sauce or dips, pairs of chopsticks and rests for the chopsticks. Whether you’re looking for a showstopping set to bring out when hosting over the festive period or a present for a lover of Japanese cuisine, this is the tableware for you.

A white ceramic sushi plate set with blue leaf designs from The Japanese Shop

7. Lucky Cat Coin Purse

Share the good fortune this season and gift your loved ones a Lucky Cat Japanese coin purse. The Lucky Cat (or maneki neko) design is printed onto the white and gold coloured soft-feel cotton purse. The Lucky Cat is a widely recognised iconic figure amongst the Japanese and is known to bring luck and wealth. Learn more about the history of the lucky cat on our blog. A purse with a clasp, boasting a genuine Japanese white maneki-neko (welcoming cat) design

8. Hanga Plum Japanese Incense

Another exclusive to The Japanese Shop, our Hanga Plum incense is made from high-quality lavender and vanilla ingredients, giving off a beautiful, plum-blossom fragrance. Lavender aroma is used to help calm and relax, and vanilla provides a warm and comforting scent. Give your loved ones the gift of a home that smells gorgeous with this incense set, which comes in a sleek box with a traditional design. See our full range of incense for different scents and accessories to complement your gift. Hanga Plum Japanese Incense

9. Large Washi Japanese Origami Paper

Give the gift of origami this Christmas. This origami pack comes with 36 square sheets of Japanese washi paper and makes a beautiful gift for the arty people in your life. Origami is a beautiful, mindful activity that teaches you to pause and focus on the task at hand and the washi paper in this kit is made in the traditional way, with long fibres for the best quality. This particular kit is suitable for beginners and advanced crafters, but if you need some guidance, we also offer origami books for all skill levels. Large Washi Japanese Origami Paper

10. Vintage Kimono

We’ve been lucky enough to acquire some gorgeous vintage kimono, perfect for the discerning eye. Each item is unique, so if you’re interested in high-quality silk, cotton and polyester garments in beautiful, authentic styles, you’re in the right place. Order now to avoid missing out on these incredible gifts! A doll at The Japanese Shop dons a pink and beige patterned kimono with a light pink waist sash
Choosing the perfect Christmas gift can be a daunting task. However, with our varied collection of Japanese gifts and our free gift-wrapping service, your Christmas shopping has never been easier. We even ship worldwide – perfect for overseas friends and family members. If you’re still feeling a bit lost or would like further information about any of our products, please get in touch with our friendly team today. If you would like to learn more about Christmas in Japan, please see our previous blog on how to prepare for a Japanese Christmas and our guide to Japanese-style present wrapping.
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