Collection: Japanese Shugi Bukuro

Shugi Bukuro are special Japanese envelope cards which contain a white paper pocket which is enveloped by a beautifully decorated paper wrapping and sealed with mizuhiki or coloured wire.

You can choose a note which has been pre-printed with either CongratulationsWedding Celebration or Celebration in Japanese kanji characters and write the name of the recipient and a brief message below. We also sell small Shugi Bukuro which are smaller decorated paper pockets which can be used for the same purpose and Bu Shugi Bukuro which are purely for funerals. Pochi Bukuro are small decorated paper pocket envelopes, less elaborate Shugi Bukuro and commonly given to children with pocket money at birthdays, New Year and other special occasions! These traditional Japanese greetings cards are a very stylish way to give money, tickets, gift vouchers, messages or wedding invitations!

Japanese Envelopes

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