Collection: Lucky Cat

The Japanese Lucky Cat is the most popular lucky charm in Japanese culture. Japanese Lucky Cats are traditionally called maneki-neko, which literally translates to beckoning cat; their characteristically upright paw is said to beckon good fortune for their owner.

Our authentic Japanese Lucky Cats are made of ceramic and are hand-painted in a range of beautiful colours. Lucky Cat meanings are diverse and rich in cultural history, and each colour symbolises a different type of good fortune.

Japanese Lucky Cat Gifts

These beautifully ornate Japanese Lucky Cats are perfect for cat lovers or for the superstitious amongst us. They also look great as a collection, ensuring you have all the luck in the world displayed in your home or business! To learn more, please read our informative blog post, ‘What’s So Lucky about Lucky Cats?’, which explores the history of Japanese maneki-neko cats and why they make such thoughtful gifts.

Explore the legend of Japanese Lucky Cats online and choose your favourite Japanese maneki-neko cat for yourself or a loved one. We even offer a free gift-wrapping service! To see more, why not shop our full range of Japanese gifts? We’re sure you’ll find something you love.