Collection: Tenugui Towels

Tenugui are high quality traditional Japanese woven cotton cloths which measure about 34cm by 90 cm, have unfinished edges on both ends and are dyed by hand.

They originate from the Edo period as a cotton towel for ritual cleansing ceremonies and soon becoming a fashionable practical hand towel at the bathhouses. Japanese tenugui come in a stunning range of colours and designs and embody the rich history of Japanese textile design!

Tenugui are now commonly used as Japanese hand towels, washcloths, dishcloths or, as is more common these days, as a stylish wall hanging! We have a great selection of authentic Japanese tenugui in a wonderful variety of bright colours and beautiful designs and if you wish to use them as a wall hanging we recommend you consider the Tapestry Hanging Poles!

Japanese Cotton Tenugui Towels

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