Collection: Saren Nagata

Browse our exclusive range of authentic Japanese Calligraphy Prints by the celebrated Japanese calligraphy artist and friend of The Japanese Shop, Saren Nagata. Saren skillfully combines classic Japanese calligraphy with beautiful bright floral designs to convey poignant messages, such as love, peace and happiness. A wonderfully vibrant collection of Contemporary Japanese Art!

One of Japan's leading calligraphy artists, Saren was born in 1981 in Chiba (near Tokyo) and became interested in Japanese Calligraphy Art at just 3 years old, qualified in 2002, obtained her licence in 2003 and has since exhibited her stylish Japanese Calligraphy Prints across Japan. Saren (who also designed our logo!) skilfully combines classic kanji (traditional calligraphy art using Japanese adaptations of Chinese characters) with vibrant colours inspired by the beauty of flowers to produce these stunning Japanese Calligraphy Prints!

Saren Nagata

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