Collection: Japanese Lacquerware

Japanese Lacquerware is widely considered to be the best quality lacquerware in the world! Lacquerware is lighter and less likely to break than pottery. It is easy to clean making it hygienic and ideal for bowls, serving utensils and chopsticks! With its striking black and crimson colour combination, it is also a visually stunning way for you to present your miso soup, noodles and other Japanese food!

Our unique collection of beautiful Japanese Lacquer Gifts includes obento (lunch) boxes, lacquer trays, lacquer bowls and lacquer jewellery boxes. Wonderful gift ideas, don't forget to request free Japanese style gift wrapping with your order!

Japanese lacquer is prized because it contains the highest proportion of urushi, or tree sap, which gives Japanese lacquer its coveted qualities. Our authentic lacquer bowls are perfect for Japanese meals such as miso soup and soba, udon or ramen noodles. Whether you are looking for a Japanese gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself, our Japanese Lacquer Gifts are ideal for something a little bit different! Please note that we recommend that you do not put them in the dishwasher or microwave.

Buy your Japanese Lacquerware online and have them gift wrapped free of charge.