15 Japanese Inventions – The Good, The Bad & The Unusual

Some of the greatest inventions of all time come from Japan, such as DVD's, Pocket Calculators and the Digital Camera. With a very innovative nation, the Japanese love to explore boundaries and experiment with ideas although some of them have been a little unusual! Here we will look at the good, the bad and the most unusual Japanese inventions throughout history.

15 of the Most Unique Japanese Inventions

The Best Japanese Inventions

1. General Anaesthesia

First used by Hanaoka Seishu in 1804 to operate on patients with cancer of the breast and oropharynx. General Anaesthesia is a medically induced coma which allows surgeons to operate on people without them feeling any pain and for that, we thank you!

2. Karaoke

Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese businessman invented Karaoke back in the 70’s. The idea begun when a client required his assistance for a business trip in which he couldn’t attend so he supplied the client with taped accompaniment instead. He saw a business opportunity and thus led to Karaoke, a popular favourite with people all around the world.

3. PlayStation

Created by Ken Kutaragi in 1990 who worked for Sony at the time, the PlayStation is now one of the most recognised gaming consoles in the world. Ken is known as ‘The Father of the PlayStation’. Ken also designed the sound processor for the Super Nintendo!

4. Portable CD Player

It is impossible to walk down the street without seeing somebody listening to music on a portable device. The Sony Discman was released in 1984 and was the world’s first portable CD player. Remember walking round with a Discman in your hand and thinking you were the bee’s knees?

5. Instant Noodle

The essential for students and non-cookers everywhere, the instant noodle has been a godsend for many. Invented in 1958 by Momofuku Ando who also invented instant ramen and Cup Noodles.

The Worst Japanese Inventions

1. Portable Zebra Crossing

Invented for people who couldn't be bothered to walk to an actual zebra crossing. This invention is dangerous and it gives the public too much power.

2. Diet Water

We know what you’re thinking, there’s nothing in water? Well apparently there is and so diet water has been invented. It is quite popular in Japan as well but we are not sure that it’s going to take off in the UK.

3. Personal Rain Saver

An inside out umbrella which collects the rain and you can carry it around with you. This would get heavy very quickly with our wet weather and what are you supposed to do with the water?

4. 10 in 1 Gardening Tool

The Stanley knife of gardening tools. In theory, this would save a lot of space in the shed and time finding the right tool, on the other hand – it’s massive and we’re assuming extremely heavy!

5. Lipstick Application Helper

Applying lipstick correctly may be a constant struggle that many of us face on a daily basis, but we can’t see this as a quick fix solution. It looks a little bit too similar to Hannibal Lector for us.

The Unusual Japanese inventions

1. High Heel Training Wheels

Walking in high heels is an art and many of us struggle at times but are training wheels the answer. We can’t decide if these are brilliant or crazy – either way we had to add them to our list of Japanese inventions

2. Anti-Rape Disguise

Rape is a serious problem globally and obviously we would want to do everything to protect ourselves, but is this the answer? Here your outfit converts into a vending machine disguising you from the attacker.

3. Eye Drop Funnels

Getting eye drops to go directly into your eye first time is pretty impossible, we often find ourselves with red eyes and make up running down our face. These funnel glasses make the whole experience much easier.

4. Food Splash Guard

Eating spaghetti and noodles can often get messy and sometime you find pasta sauce in your hair! Here is your solution, just place this splash guard on and you’re golden, but maybe avoid taking it out in public!

5. Butter Grater

Applying cold, hard butter to a piece of toast is a first world problem leading to holes in your toast or lumps of butter all over your bread. Use the butter grater as you would a cheese grater, no more wholes in your toast with this easy-to-spread solution. You can buy your own Butter Mills from Lakeland.   Enjoy this post? Follow The Japanese Shop on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates and to learn more amazing facts about Japan. Alternatively, browse our extensive range of Japanese lucky cats on our website along with hundreds of other authentic Japanese gifts and accessories.
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