Bean-curd Sushi (Inarizuhi)

Bean curd is know as Tofu. Yes, you can make Tofu sushi! It is produced by cutting tofu into thin slices and deep frying first at 110~120 °C then at 180~200 °C again. Having said that you actually don't have to do those process, you can buy those deep fried tofu, know as Aburaage in supermarkets in Japan.  Sushi rice is packed in seasoned Aburaage, which is called Inarizushi. It is named after the Shinto god Inari, who is believed to have a fondness for fried tofu. 007 The good news is you can make Inarizushi easily to use this! 014 Hiromi has stocked in for new foods. It is available online after photo shooting in mid October. (not very long!) Please wait for new food range! This great tin is full packed of seasoned Aburaage, about 15 slices. All you need is take them out from tin (please be careful to take out from tin. It is very sharp edge!), and put them in a microwavable dish (including juice inside) and cling film and microwave for 40 seconds, and leave them to warm until you can touch by hand. 005 004         To heat the Aburaage is easy to open Aburaage like a bag. You prepare sushi rice using this mould is much easier!

This mould is very useful to make sushi rice to be all perfect size! I put cling film underneath moulded sushi rice not too mess around your work top. You just put sushi rice in Opened the Aburaage bag. That is all!


I made half Inarizushi and half smoke salmon nigiri sushi. This is nice for starter or main for dinner party or just your dinner as you like. By the way Inarizushi is already seasoned, so that you don't need dip into soy sauce, although most foreigners in Japan do dip into sauce, including my husband. It is up to you though. Seasoned Aburaage is so juicy and sweet taste so that kids love those, too! It looks brown and looks boring, but taste amazing! definitely worth to try!

Large Seikaiha Square Serving Platter

This Large Seikaiha Square Japanese Sharing Platter is good for sharing with people, or main dish to put. This one is one of new tableware ranges for this winter! Please have a look at our online shop!

See ya!


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