Bio Ionised Jewellery: Miracle Cure or Marketing Ploy?

Investigating the Effectiveness of Bio Ionised JewelleryBio Ionised Jewellery

Bio ionised jewellery is a type of metal jewellery that is said to have a positive effect on the wearer’s chi, or “natural energy”. Proponents claim that it carries a number of health benefits, improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, reducing fatigue and more. However, questions have been raised regarding its effectiveness, leading many to dismiss it as a fraudulent marketing scheme.

What is Bio Ionised Jewellery?

Bio ionised or bio ion jewellery is said to work in a similar way to acupuncture, balancing the flow of chi via electrical stimulation. Dr. Keiji Kato, a Japanese specialist in ion science and winner of the Ohm Technological Prize, explains that we need the right balance of positive and negative ions in order to achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Negative ions exist naturally in our environment in the water, air and soil, and are believed to produce biochemical reactions leading to an increase in serotonin levels. This boosts our energy and reduces symptoms of depression and stress, which may explain the feeling we get from a day spent trekking the mountains or relaxing on the beach. Excessive exposure to electrical and electronic appliances can tip the balance in the other direction. With such technology playing an increasingly vital role in our lives, especially in more urban areas, a high proportion of the world’s population is experiencing heightened stress and fatigue. It is believed that we need to increase the level of negative ions in the bloodstream in order to restore the correct balance of ions, and this is where bio ionised jewellery comes in.

Does Bio Ionised Jewellery Actually Work?

In 2003, Q-Ray, one of the best known suppliers of bio ionised jewellery, was subject to an injunction by the Federal Trade Commission and, in 2006, a high-profile court ruling. In 2002, the Mayo Clinic had failed to demonstrate that the Q-Ray bracelet had any significant effect on the wearer, leading the court to conclude that it was ‘part of a scheme devised… to defraud [its] consumers’. However, a separate study commissioned by Oregon Scientific tested the effectiveness of the i.balance ion necklace, which was developed by Dr Keiji Kato himself. In this case the negative ions in the bio ionised jewellery were shown to facilitate blood circulation and changes in body temperature, leading the Japan Association of Ion Research and Application to approve the i.balance with a Certificate of Quality and Registration. Bio ionised braceletWhile more research is needed in order to assess the true nature and workings of bio ionised jewellery, it does appear to have some positive effects on the wearer’s natural energy. For more informative information please continue reading our blog.
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