Croquette (Korokke in Japanese)

5   Croquette, we say "Korokke", is very popular fried food in Japan. You can buy ready made Korokke in supermarkets, convenience stores (convini), or Krokke Shops.Main ingredient is mashed potatoes, then some of them are vegetarian, some of them contains meats or seafood with different kind of flavours, such as plain, curry and white sauce etc. I just had a look internet about Croquette. This food is widely all over the world, isn't it? Therefore you may have already tried those things, but I would like to introduce you that I used English food left overs to make those! 001 All you need is left over mash potatoes from Sunday roast and sandwiches fillings, which I used Tuna and sweetcorn mayonnaise. You could try coronation chicken, too. Mixing those together and make small balls, follow by plain flour, egg and bread crumbs. Then deep fry them. Done! Traditionally Korokke is coming with thin shredded cabbage. Don't ask me why, but it is great combination! It is normally Japanese brown sauce is good for those, but you can use English one or ketchup. Hiromi will soon add Japanese bread crumbs into The Japanese Shop site. It is far better than English bread crumbs! Some famous chefs, even said so. I've got some recipe books requires Japanese Panko. It will be soon available online. Please wait for it. 002 This cute doggy would like to say hi to you! This bowl and dish set is contemporary and good size for sharing! It is available from here! (Click photo below will take you to The Japanese Shop) Krumelur Bowl and Dish Set This range was actually designed by a Swedish designer called Krumelur exclusively for the Japanese market but since we love animals and adore our cheese we just think it is really different and really cute! You may consider this for Christmas gift list or birthday present for someone loves animals! -from The Japanese Shop site By Nai  
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