Father’s Day Gift Ideas with a Japanese Twist

Although Father’s Day was thought to be invented in the United States by Sonora Smart Dodd in admiration for her father, it is celebrated in Japan much in the same way that it is all around the world. Father’s Day is a day where people of all nationalities come together and give thanks to their fathers and fatherly figures. It is celebrated on the third Sunday of June in most countries, which this year falls on the 18th in both Japan and the UK.

In Japan, Father’s day is known as “Chichi no hi”. Family is an integral part of Japanese culture, and so Father’s Day is a great way for children to show appreciation to their Father. Many families choose to celebrate the day with a few gifts and a nice meal, much like the UK celebrates this day.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

This Father’s day, why not give your dad a gift with a difference! The Japanese Shop has a wonderful collection of unique Father’s Day gifts to choose from. From quirky and original to cool and stylish, all of these gift ideas have a touch of oriental flavour.

Daruma DollA red Japanese daruma doll with bold black brows white eyes and a gold torso symbol

The Daruma doll is a classic Japanese gift and is extremely popular among Father’s Day gifts here at The Japanese Shop. Our Red Japanese Daruma Doll is a traditional hollow doll made out of paper Mache. These dolls are full of symbolism; when your dad receives his doll, he can make a wish and fill in one of the eyes. When the wish comes true, he can fill in the other eye. Doing this is thought to encourage individuals to focus on their goals and objectives.


A dark grey kimono with a detailed white dragon design

If you think your dad would like to jump on the Kimono trend, our Japanese Kimono Wave Long Black is a great option. This authentic cotton kimono is a comfortable and stylish item perfect for lounging around the home or on holiday. A belt is included so that he can fashion the kimono in the traditional style of wearing it with the left side over the right.

ChopsticksFour wooden chopsticks with black tips, each adorned with blue and white labels


Does your dad like to cook? Is he a fan of Japanese food? Our Tokyo Japanese Chopstick Gift Set is the perfect addition to any Japanese meal. Chopsticks help you to eat slower, allowing you to enjoy your food and also eat less. Complete with a smart gift box, this can make the perfect gift.

Samurai Kokeshi Doll

Samurai Kokeshi Doll

Additionally, our Samurai Japanese Warrior Kokeshi Doll is another great gift option for Father’s Day. The bright and colourful wooden doll gives a contemporary feel, and is known to symbolise a token of love – perfect to show your dad just how much you love him! Each doll is given a unique name by its craftsmen, making each doll truly unique.

Sake Set

 A blue and white ceramic sake set with one bottle and four cups

If your dad is a lovely of Japanese Sake, or has always wanted to try it, our exclusive Sasa Japanese Sake Set allows him to drink Sake in the correct and authentic way. Sake is a Japanese rice wine that is delicious both hot or cold. This gift set includes a Sake pot and 4 Sake cups, all packaged inside a smart gift box.

At The Japanese Shop, we offer a free gift wrapping service for all of our traditional Japanese products. If you would like any advice or information, feel free to contact us.


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