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How to Make Your Own Face Mask: DIY Tutorial

We are very lucky to have a wonderful and caring health service, who are working hard to protect our nation. Out of respect for our incredible frontline workers, we thought we would share an alternative way of accessing face masks - and from the comfort of your own home no less! So, why not make your own face mask following these few simple steps?

You will need...

  • Two elastics bands - You could also use hair bobbles, or cut the elastics from a disposable mask and join the ends to form two rings.
  • Furoshiki cloth - You could also use a handkerchief or some leftover fabric. However, these instructions are based on the dimensions of Furoshiki cloth from The Japanese Shop.
...Sorry, what is 'furoshiki'?

Furoshiki are very versatile and useful items in Japanese culture, similar to a decorative handkerchief in Western culture. They are often used for wrapping gifts and bento boxes, and there's even an art to furoshiki wrapping.

The method...

  1. On a clear surface, lay out your furoshiki or fabric. Then, fold it into three equal parts.
  2. Tuck the fabric into the middle - this will help you adjust the mask to fit your face later!
make your own face mask step 2
Step 2 - Before
make your own face mask step 2
Step 2 - After
  1. Add your elastics (or elastic alternatives) to each end and position them so they roughly separate the fabric into sections of three.
  2. Fold each end in towards the centre, so that the elastics are positioned along each edge.
  3. Your mask is now complete! You can now pop the elastics over your ears and adjust the mask vertically to suitably cover your face.

We also produced a video tutorial, check it out in the link below! Ganbarō!

We hope this tutorial has been helpful. Together, let's help our health services and their resources by making our own masks! Before you get crafting, be sure to browse our range of beautiful furoshiki cloths to keep you safe (and stylish too!)

Odaiji-ni (take care) from everyone here at The Japanese Shop!

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