Japanese Date Night Ideas

Japanese Date Night Ideas

The dating scene in Japan is becoming increasingly scarce, with many Japanese men and women choosing virtual love over the real thing or giving up on dating altogether and marrying friends.  Nevertheless, some Japanese singles are still on the lookout for love, determined to find and date that special someone.Japan Date Night

Dating in Japan

Dating in Japan is relatively similar to dating in Western cultures. However, there are a few key differences. Here are a few facts about dating in Japan:
  1. Arranged marriage? No thank you.
Traditionally, marriages in Japan were arranged (omiai). Now, although parents still have an enormous influence over their child’s partners, less than one quarter of marriages are arranged in Japan.
  1. It begins with a group
In Japan, group dating, at least at the beginning, is common. So, ladies grab your gal pals and men grab your chums and get together.
  1. Don’t be late, you’ve got a very important date!
In Japan, timeliness is imperative! Although tardiness is sometimes unavoidable, you should always strive to arrive punctually to dates.
  1. PDAs are taboo
If you’re thinking of kissing your partner, stop right there! In Japan, public displays of affection can come across as insincere, a sign that you’re only after one thing, physical intimacy.
  1. Don’t forget your etiquette
In Japan, like in every country, you are expected to behave in a certain way. To avoid making a social faux pas, keep the principles of Japanese etiquette in mind and behave accordingly.

How to Create a Japanese Date

Whether you’re dating a Japanese person, or simply want to create a Japanese-style date, follow these Japanese date night ideas and you won’t go far wrong:Romantic Rikugien at Night
  1. No-fail dating spots in Tokyo
If you’re really looking to WOW your date, consider jetting off to Japan to visit some of the capital’s best dating spots. Where? Here are our top three suggestions:
  • Take a break from industrial life and reconnect with nature at the stunning Rikugien Gardens.
  • Have a night on the town at Ginza, one of Japan’s trendiest neighbourhoods.
  • Look upon the entire city from 500 feet high and digest these stunning views while having a romantic dinner at Tokyo Tower.
  1. Learn to make sushi together
Sushi is a quintessential Japanese dish. This is the perfect date night dish as the combinations are truly endless. You like fish but your partner doesn’t? No problem, just substitute the fish for bean curd or a vegetable such as cucumber or avocado and bob’s your uncle. Rather than buying pre-made sushi, have fun making it yourselves, trying out different combinations and learning a new skill together. If you’re new to sushi-making, check out these helpful step-by-step instructions on how to make sushi. If you’re not keen on sushi, why not try making Japanese pancakes? Sushi rolls with avocado and orange tobiko served with soy sauce and chopsticks
  1. Share stories over sake
Get to know each other over a delicious cup (or few) of sake. Japanese sake, a popular alcoholic drink in Japan not only tastes wonderful, but is the perfect way to break the ice and ease tensions on that all important first date. Four bottles of Japanese sake featuring diverse brands
  1. Have a Japanese movie themed night
Grab some popcorn and a bag of sweets and throw on some Japanese films. Or, if you and your partner prefer the cinematic experience, go and see Scarlett Johansson’s latest film, Ghost in the Shell, based on the Japanese manga comic series, The Ghost in the Shell. Not convinced that a movie is the right way to go? Check out these 5 reasons why the movies make for a great first date.  
  1. Buy some traditional Japanese goodies
At The Japanese Shop we have items for every occasion. So, whether you’re cooking up a Japanese feast and need some impressive, authentic tableware, or whether it’s your anniversary and you want to treat the one you love to a Japanese-inspired gift, look no further. A lady in a black kimono adorned with gold butterflies faces away from the camera in a room with a shoji screen
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