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Kokeshi Dolls – The Perfect Japanese Gift for Valentine’s Day

Japanese Kokeshi Doll Kokeshi Doll

Many are fascinated by the Japanese way of life, and understandably so with their intriguing culture, cuisine and products. One of their most popular traditional items is Kokeshi Dolls which also happen to make wonderful little Japanese gift for Valentine’s Day.

Although Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Japan, it is done so a little differently. This is because years ago when the first adverts began appearing in Japan to advertise Valentine’s Day to non-Japanese people, it grabbed the attention of local businesses and advertisers who also wanted to be a part of the more westernised holiday. Unfortunately, when the time came to launch Valentine’s Day to the Japanese people, the message got “lost in translation” and described it as a day for women only to express their love to men by giving them chocolate. There are three official different types of chocolate given on Valentine’s Day by women: Giri-Chocolate or “obligatory chocolate” which is given as a kind gesture, Honmei-Chocolate or “favourite chocolate” which is given for romantic reasons and Tomo-Chocolate or “friend chocolates” which is given to female friends. And because men, therefore, don’t generally give gifts on Valentine’s Day, they have their own day a month later called “White Day” when they are expected to return the favour. Couples Kokeshi Dolls Kokeshi Dolls Put a Japanese spin on your Valentine’s Day this year with a wide range of handmade Kokeshi Dolls as well as a wide range of other gift ideas from The Japanese Shop. Our Kokeshi are made mostly from cherry or Mizuki trees using traditional methods, with each doll individually named by the craftsman who made it, giving it its own unique personality. We have just updated our website with a brand new collection of Kokeshi. Buy any two Kokeshi Dolls and receive a FREE Kokeshi Key Ring and a FREE Japanese Greetings Card.
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