Japanese Workout

Lose Christmas Weight with the Japanese Tabata Workout


On Christmas day alone, we are thought to consume an enormous 7,000 calories (that’s a lot of mince pies!). As a result, people across Britain flock to their local gym in an attempt to work off that winter weight. However, these intentions only last so long, with shocking gym statistics showing that the majority of us will have quit the gym after just 24 weeks. So what is the answer, the miracle solution to lose Christmas weight fast? The Japanese Tabata workout may just be the thing you’ve been searching for.

Japanese Workout

What is the Tabata workout?

While working with athletes from the Japanese Olympic speed skating team, Doctor Tabata recognised the benefits of their high-intensity interval training style, noticing drastic improvements in both athletes’ anaerobic and aerobic fitness. And the benefits don’t stop there. According to Doctor Tabata, the Tabata workout is capable of burning ‘an extra 150 calories in the 12 hours after exercise’- that’s the equivalent to a chocolate bar!

This fat-busting regime works in 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off intervals and has been dubbed the ‘4-minute miracle’. But don’t be fooled, this 4-minute workout is far from easy. When performed correctly, you’ll want to rename the Tabata workout the ‘4 minute menace’.

How do I do it?

A typical Tabata workout involves 8 repetitions of the 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off intervals and is designed to leave you feeling aching and exhausted (no pain, no gain!). During your ‘on’ session you can do anything from bicycle sprints to jumping jacks, really pushing yourself at every opportunity.

Although at first, you may only be able to muster the energy to complete one 4-minute circuit, over time, your fitness will improve, allowing you to repeat the fat-torching workout several times in order to reach your weight-loss goals.

Although this 4-minute workout has both fitness and weight loss benefits, it should be regarded as an addition to your usual workout regime, rather than a replacement. To reap the greatest rewards, it is recommended that you intersperse the Japanese Tabata workout within your standard exercise plan.

For some more examples of effective Tabata exercises, check out Shape’s 10 new fat-blasting Tabata workouts.

What else can I do to lose Christmas weight?

If you’d like to shed a few extra pounds and feel revitalised, you may choose to consider coupling your Tabata workout with a teatox regime. A staple drink throughout Japan, the most healthy country in the world, green tea has numerous proven benefits. Known to boost our metabolism and help burn fat, this delicious drink is a fantastic alternative to regular tea and coffee. Health.com has produced an article explaining the many health benefits of green tea, so head over there for more information!

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