Medium Midori Crackleglaze Plate Perfect Christmas Gift

Medium Midori Crackleglaze Plate – Ideal for Someone Who Enjoys Their Japanese Cuisine Medium Midori Crackleglaze Plate The Japanese are known for their fine attention to detail, and the way they dine is no different. Each dish is placed on the table for a reason, with different utensils used for different types of food. It is also believed that the shape, colour and feel of the dishes used help to further enhance the overall eating experience, by making the food more visually appealing. Serve up a festive feast with the Medium Midori Crackleglaze Plate from The Japanese Shop. The earthenware plate has a stunning green-blue cracked glass glaze and is especially ideal for serving up oriental food like sushi and dipping sauces.  Click here to view all of our Top 12 Christmas Gifts.
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