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New Japanese 2013 Calendars In Stock Now!

Both of our Japanese calendars measure 30.5cm x 32.8cm and allow plenty of space for daily notes and includes an insert listing major holidays for many countries worldwide. Click here to buy yours now! Some of Japan's most exquisite art exists in the form of hanging scrolls and folding screens. The twelve elegant scrolls and screens that grace our Japanese Scrolls and Screens 2013 Calendar, date back from the sixteenth to the twentieth century and have been carefully selected from the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA. Japanese Scrolls and Screens 2013 Calendar Japanese Scrolls and Screens 2013 Calendar Our Hiroshige 2013 Calendar is inspired by the artist first known as Utagawa Toyohiro before he became Utagawa and his infamous series of artistic landscapes which featured in One Hundred Famous Views of Edo. Hiroshige 2013 Calendar Hiroshige 2013 Calendar
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