New Year! New You! New Products!

New Year! New You! New Products!

OK, so it’s coming to the end of January…, still, Happy New Year to you all!

Whilst the festive joy is now behind us, are you looking forward to what this new year will bring? The New Year is very important for Japanese people. This is when the whole family get together and enjoy the traditional New Year food - Osechi, pay a visit to a shrine and / or temple to make a wish that this year will be a fulfilled one. It is also the time to make New Year’s resolutions which could be; exercise more, make more time for family, cook something new, read more, meet new people, try something new… A lot of people would agree that it is good to try something new when the new year starts!

Last year, our Directors (Jez and Hiromi) reviewed our entire product range and decided to cut some collections and expand our most popular range of Japanese products… tableware! Some of you might have already noticed that there is now a lot more choice of tableware than ever before and hopefully you will be as excited about our new products as we are!

There are 4 new tableware ranges that we are particularly excited about; 

Whale Series

This whale design definitely catches your eye! Vibrant indigo blue and white, it has a unique three-dimensional feel of whales surrounded by the crashing of waves in water. Enhancing the design with a terracotta-coloured foot for added impact. Now we have a whole range in this series from ramen noodle bowls, rice bowls, teacups, chopsticks and even soup spoons! This new range is especially popular amongst nature and animal lovers!

 Whale ramen noodle bowl

(Whale ramen bowl and soup spoon)


     Whale Indigo Blue Ceramic Japanese Bowl Set     

(Whale Indigo Blue Ceramic Japanese Bowl Set)

Sendan Series

The charm lies in the radiating patterns creating a shining effect and the complex hues of the kiln-altered glaze. 'Sendan' refers to changes in glaze caused by various factors inside a kiln and as a result, the appearance of colour and other characteristics may vary from piece to piece. Even in the same product, there can be differences, such as areas with a darker or lighter glaze, leading to individual variations which all adds to the character of these stylish bowls! It comes in three colours. The light grey colour of the bowl enhances the presentation of the plated food, making its colours stand out. The navy colour is so deep which makes any dish look visually appealing, well-prepared, and neatly arranged. The olive colour gives warmth to any dish you plate up!

Sendan Noodle bowls    


Navy Sendan Noodle Bowls

(Navy Sendan Japanese Noodle Bowl Set)

Karakusa Brush Blue Japanese Sushi Plate Set

These new sushi plate sets are very modern and stylish! This collection showcases a series with lines and shades that evoke the charm of hand-drawn brushwork, capturing the warmth of folk art. This one with a Karakusa pattern, a traditional Japanese design with soft indigo blue and brown swishes.

A set of solid and stable feel oblong dishes, small round plates and matching pairs of chopsticks that can be used not only for sushi but other things such as starters, salads, cheese and chutney etc.

Karakusa Sushi Plate set

Dot Brush Blue Japanese Sushi Plate Gift Set

Same line as previously introduced Karakusa Brush Blue Japanese Sushi Plate, this Dot brush Blue Japanese Sushi Plate Gift set shows off with large blue and brown dots. This one gives softer, more modern ambience, again the set comes with oblong dishes, small round plates and matching pairs of chopsticks. It is perfect for any style of dishes!

 Dot Plate Sushi set    

Harlow Carr Pop-up Shop

Just a reminder that our pop-up shop at RHS Garden Harlow Carr will be open for the whole March and April this year! We are so delighted that our pop-up shop at Harlow Carr has become an annual event for us where we can showcase to you all of our stunning and unique Japanese gifts! This year we are particularly excited about introducing our new products, not only tableware but also other lines such as stationery and accessories! Our super friendly all Japanese team, Hiromi, Naoko and Ayako will be there to welcome and assist you if you would like to know anything about our products or anything about visiting Japan! Why don’t you take advantage of enjoying the beauty of the RHS Harlow Carr Gardens as well as viewing our lovely collection? Keep your eyes peeled for details and updates on our website, Facebook and Instagram. We hope to see you there!

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