Okinawa Washi Paper Notebook

Okinawa Washi Paper Notebook Perfect for Christmas

Okinawa Washi Paper Notebook– Another Great Little Gift for Christmas Red spiral-bound notepad with floral print in white and grey on Okinawa washi paper
Okinawa Washi Paper Notebook Washi is the Japanese word for the traditional art of paper making. Made from plant fibres, some of the past uses for it included making Japanese lanterns, umbrellas, screens and even origami paper. The techniques of Washi paper making are considered to be difficult to learn, with even the most experienced of artisans struggling to master the delicate process. Although there are now more modern techniques available to make regular paper, many still prefer the ancient historical methods and uses that make this type of paper that bit more special. The Okinawa Washi Paper Notebook from The Japanese Shop is handmade and is soft to touch. Each page in the notebook is faintly line, making it an ideal gift to give and use! Click here to view all of our Top 12 Christmas Gifts.
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