The Calming Essence of Japanese Incense

Japanese incense is renowned for its calming qualities making it ideal for aromatherapy sessions and meditation ceremonies or for simply creating a relaxing, spiritual atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Its long history dates back centuries and originates in China. However, using incense has since gained significant recognition in Japanese culture, a reputation which was established by Buddhist monks. Many Japanese incense manufacturers have been working hundreds of years to create unique fragrances which have the power to relax and reduce stress as well as creating peaceful and fragrant havens within the home. A Brief History of Japanese Incense The earliest use of incense was documented in China during the Neolithic era, becoming more widely used around 2000BC. Ancient Egyptians also used incense to create a relaxing atmosphere for prayers, reading and recitals. Buddhism was the catalyst for its first use in Japan, as Buddhist monks brought incense over to Japan to use in religious ceremonies and purification rituals. As the industry steadily grew, specialist manufacturers looked to diversify the ingredients to deliver a huge collection of fragrances and aromas, using a unique blend of ancient and modern techniques. Target markets also diversified and manufacturers also developed incense which could be rolled into sticks to make it more affordable amongst the working classes. For more information about the origins of Japanese incense, our comprehensive guide on the history of Japanese incense details how it was first used and its growing popularity in Japan. japanese-incense-gift-box-set Traditional Manufacturing of Japanese Incense Japanese incense is manufactured using a skilful blend of aromatic resins from trees and plants such as benzoin, frankincense and camphor, mixed with natural ingredients and essential oils. The ingredients which make up a particular fragrance are then carefully mixed together using makko powder which is taken from the bark of an evergreen tree. This vital component is odourless but ensures that the incense burns evenly. There are a number of different fragrances within the Japanese incense collection, all holding a calming essence which can relax the mind and restore the senses. Fragrance highlights include: Sandalwood. This fragrance is commonly used for spiritual ceremonies and religious healing, possessing a woody, sweet smell to promote an atmosphere of peace. Although it creates a relaxing ambience, it doesn’t feel heavy or induce drowsiness, instead promoting a clarity of the mind. It can also be used in the home to remove food or pet odours around the house. Lavender. Perfect for the evening and a great accompaniment for a sound sleep, lavender is great for creating a relaxing atmosphere and a de-stressing environment. Lavender also possesses sedative properties and can provide effective treatment for symptoms of stress, nervousness, insomnia and depression. Lotus. A unique fragrance which is popular within Japanese culture, lotus works to elevate the mood and is commonly used in spiritual healing and for meditation purposes, aiding inner peace and outer harmony for clarity within the mind, body and soul. Experience an oasis of calm and relaxation in your home with our extensive collection of Japanese incense. Our scented collection includes delicately fragranced incense sticks, essential oils and diffusers which create a tranquil ambience to restore the body and mind. We also stock a diverse range of Japanese incense holders, available in variety of colours and traditional Japanese patterns. Many of our incense holders are also chosen to coordinate with selected fragrances in our collection. Every item in our Japanese incense range is beautifully presented in authentic and stylish packaging, making it the perfect gift for friends and loved ones.
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