The Easy Way to Get Your Child Using Chopsticks

Teach Your Child to Use Chopsticks with CleverstiX

CleverstiX Science Museum and Hello Kitty CleverstiX from The Japanese Shop Chopsticks are the eating utensil of choice throughout virtually all of East Asia, so if you're moving out there or taking your little one on holiday, it's time to get practicing. CleverstiX, the latest product in our range, provide a fun and easy way to get your child using chopsticks like a pro, and also offer a whole host of development-boosting benefits to help you get the most out of mealtimes.

What Are CleverstiX?

CleverstiX are ergonomically designed training chopsticks for children. Officially endorsed by the Science Museum and recommended by YourHome magazine, the Sunday Mirror and even Ken Hom, this cutting-edge child development cutlery can:
  • teach your child to use chopsticks
  • improve manual dexterity, and
  • make mealtimes more enjoyable.
Originally from South Korea, CleverstiX came to the UK last year following an overwhelming response to marketing trials. Now they are stocked by The Science Museum and Museum of Science and Industry, via limited outlets such as Amazon and eBay, and through a growing number of retailers including Umai Sushi Centre and The Japanese Shop. Research by the manufacturers confirms that the unique design of CleverstiX can help improve children's manual dexterity in a number of different ways. Childrens training chopsticks instructions Instructions for use from

Benefits of CleverstiX

As well as being useful for teaching children to eat with chopsticks, CleverstiX can also improve concentration and assist in the development of fine motor skills, particularly hand-eye co-ordination. This gives kids better control over their movements, improving their capabilities across a whole range of different activities including handwriting. Parents of children with neurological disorders such as autism and dyspraxia have reported seeing marked improvements in engagement, with many even claiming that it's the first time they have seen their children eating with cutlery. UK founder Kevin North plans to look into this further to see if the product could have a role to play in paediatric occupational therapy one day in the future. Last but certainly not least, CleverstiX come in a range of different designs featuring much-loved children's characters, from Hello Kitty to Kung Fu Panda. This helps make mealtimes more fun and sets CleverstiX apart as a great gift that is as smart as it is practical. Fancy giving them a try? Order CleverstiX from The Japanese Shop for just £7.50 and get your child eating with chopsticks in no time. Alternatively, read this interview with Kevin North to find out more about the company and its recent expansion into the UK market.
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