Three Authentic Japanese Beers You Need To Try

Beer is a beverage enjoyed by many in Japan, being the number one choice of many of its (approx.) 126million population. As a popular choice, the emergence of local ales and breweries has seen a significant increase over the past 20 years. However, the big breweries remain dominant in many establishments, particularly in the tourist areas. If you are travelling to Japan, with many heading over for the Rugby World Cup 2019, Japanese beer is something you will become very familiar with. When it comes to trying to find the best beer in Japan, these three are the front runners and the ones you need to look out for when travelling around …

1. Asahi Super Dry

A very well-known Japanese brewery internationally, but first established in 1889 by the Osaka Beer Brewing Company in Japan, now renamed Asahi Breweries. Located now in Sumida, Tokyo the company transformed the beer industry in 1987 when they launched Asahi Super Dry, which was an immediate hit with the Japanese market. You’ll find Asahi Super Dry and an array of their other beers, at any local bar in Japan!

2. Kirin Lager Beer

Kirin Lager is without a doubt one of the most popular Japanese beers and also one of the oldest.  Named after the mythical hooved Chinese creature, a Kirin is revered by many as a good luck omen. The Kirin Brewery Company started brewing back in 1888 (known as The Japan Brewery Company back then), they developed their pale lager with a crisp taste and desirable grain aroma. In addition, Kirin Ichiban is one of the other popular beers produced by the Kirin Brewery Company, so expect to find many different versions of Kirin beers whilst in Japan. You even can book a tour at their brewery, in Yokohama, to experience the taste of this delicious beverage freshly brewed!


3. Sapporo

This brand, established in 1876, is the oldest in Japan so when it comes to establishing a Japanese brewery and brand, they know exactly how to do it having five breweries across Japan to date. Although the original brewery in Sapporo city no longer stands, it has been repurposed as Japan’s only beer museum, with a Sapporo beer hall right next to the museum. Seibei Nakagawa, the found of Sapporo was, in fact, the first German-trained brewmaster Japan has had, embracing the knowledge of the German beer culture and sharing it was Japan.

You will find other beers from the Sapporo Brewing Company, during your stay in Japan, with the Sapporo Reserve Beer being a great alternative to the original Sapporo Premium Beer.

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