Top 12 Christmas Gifts – Feng Shui Good Fortune Lucky Cat M

Bring Someone Luck This Christmas with the Feng Shui Good Fortune Lucky Cat M Small Feng Shui Good Fortune Lucky Cat The Japanese Lucky Cat is also known as Maneki Neko, which means the beckoning cat. According to legend the Lucky Cat is based on a story about a poor priest and his cat that looked after the Gotokuji Temple in Tokyo. During a storm the cat beckoned a samurai warrior to safety, who was taking shelter outside under a nearby tree, by raising his paw. As the warrior moved, a bolt of lightning struck a tree, causing it to fall down to the ground where he had been just moments before. To show his gratitude to the cat for saving his life, the warrior, who was a very wealthy man, rewarded the temple with funding. The ceramic Feng Shui Good Fortune Lucky Cat M from The Japanese Shop has a gold finished and raised left paw. This is believed to invite riches and bring good fortune to its owner, making it a superb gift to give to a friend or loved one at Christmas time.
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