Top 5 Japanese Christmas Gift Ideas

Surprise a Friend This Year with a Japanese Christmas Gift Christmas is just around the corner, so it’s time to decide what gifts to buy for your friends and family. Of course, there are always one or two people who are difficult to shop for. A Japanese Christmas gift could be a good place to start, and is likely to be a little more interesting than your standard box of chocolates or bath set. A Japanese Christmas gift will make a charming and intriguing addition to your recipient’s home and is unlikely to be something they already have. Some Japanese Christmas Gift Ideas Include:bamboo-sushi-set
  1. Bamboo Sushi Set – if you have a friend who loves sushi, a sushi set is ideal as it contains everything they’ll need to serve their dishes in style. They can also use it to present other Japanese and Western dishes besides sushi.
  2. Red Silk Flower Kimono – designed and made in Kyoto, these silk kimonos make an ideal gift for a loved one and are luxuriously soft and elegant; ideal for lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday.
  3. Japanese Incense Gift Set – made from aromatic plant material fused with essential oils, Japanese incense is generally regarded as the best quality incense in the world. This Japanese incense gift set will give them a great selection of high quality fragrances with which they can relax and unwind.japanese lacqueur box
  4. Butterfly Jewellery Box –made from Japanese lacquer, this stylish jewellery box is the ideal gift for someone who likes their jewellery but has a habit of losing it! Featuring a stunning butterfly design and a mirror on the inside, this jewellery box is the perfect Japanese Christmas gift idea.
  5. Santa Kokeshi Doll - kokeshi dolls were traditionally carved by Japanese farmers as a symbol of love and friendship for their friends and family. A Santa kokeshi doll would make a great Christmas gift for a friend or family member, putting an oriental twist on a western tradition.
Other Japanese Christmas Gift Ideas Of course, this list is far from extensive and the presents you buy will vary depending who you’re buying for and how much you want to spend. If someone has just moved into a new home, perhaps a Japanese lucky cat or lucky owl could be appropriate, or even some Japanese tableware. There’s a Japanese Christmas gift out there for everyone. A gift such as those listed above is likely to be more interesting than what your friends and family might usually receive. For further inspiration, go to where you can order Japanese Christmas gifts online for delivery.
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