We are Supporting Oxjam Night!

Liverpool graduate Rachel Dyer is bringing the sounds from Japan to the North West in October as part of the Oxjam festival. Oxjam is a month-long nationwide music event being held in October to raise money for the global Oxfam charity. Oxjam is the opportunity for fans, venues and promoters to host nights with a variety of genres, and Rachel is using this chance to bring Japanese music to Liverpool. Rachel Dyer, who studied BA (Hons) Popular Music Studies,was first introduced to Japanese music during her time at Liverpool John Moores University. "A friend of mine introduced me to the music through some online music videos. At first I found them very strange because the costumes were so theatrical and larger than life. Then I started to listen to more artists and found them very catchy and filled with rich sounds. I even got to see a few artists perform in Liverpool and thought they were really energetic live. Rachel has chosen to have her first Japanese night raising money for Oxjam, who have raised more than £1.5 million since 2006. The money raised aids Oxfam in combating global poverty. Through donations they support development projects such as building wells and schools in third world countries, and quickly provide emergency aid during natural disasters. They also campaign for causes such as climate change, health, education and the global economic crisis to name a few. Rachel says "it's amazing how quickly they are able respond and provide relief after such devastation. As well as giving aid they work on long term projects such as building schools, building wells, improving healthcare. It seems easy to take for granted that such basic things available in the UK are lacking in other countries. Rachel is looking to bring a different type of club night to a city rich in music history. Western artists have been greatly influenced by Japanese music, such as Gwen Stefani, the Black Eyed Peas and the Beatles and Lil Wayne, Fergie and Kylie Minogue have all collaborated with Japanese artists within the last few years. Japan plays host to a variety of music styles and artists, from rappers to rockers, dance groups to theatrical rockers and R’n’B singers to pop idols. Some artists use traditional musical instruments and techniques in their music, but equally some songs wouldn't sound out of place on the UK music charts. Two DJs (including Rachel) will be DJing eclectic sets of the newest songs mixed in with classic tracks from acts such as X JAPAN, Koda Kumi and L'arc~en~ciel. Rachel’s event is being supported by The Japanese Shop, who has donated a vintage kimono as a raffle prize to raise more money for Oxfam. They specialise in unique Japanese gifts and products, including origami paper, Japanese wall art and prints, kimonos, jewellery and Kokeshi dolls. All items are of the highest design and quality or anyone interested in Japanese culture, delivered with the highest levels of service. The event is on 15th October at Mello Mello Café on Slater Street starting at 9pm and entry is £2 donation. Rachel is hoping the generosity of Liverpool will shine through on the night. "I’m looking forward to sharing my love of Japanese music, and every pound will mean Oxfam can continue their invaluable work supporting countries around the world." Click to donate.
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