Japandi Interior Design

What is Japandi Style?

Dreaming of a peaceful, simple and welcoming home interior design? Or perhaps your home office needs a calming renovation? Japandi home décor may just be the inspiration you need to completely transform your living space into your own little oasis. In this blog, we’ll be delving into the beautiful Japandi trend and detailing top styling tips on how you can achieve this interior look.

What is Japandi Interior Design?

Japandi interior is simply a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian interior styles, and the name comes from the mixture of Japanese and Scandi. The combination of styles works so effortlessly as they are both rooted in simplicity and comfort. The modern and minimalist look of the Scandi aesthetic accompanies the sleek and eloquence of the Japanese style to create a functional zen-like space. The Japandi trend is also founded within philosophies (if you needed another reason to transform your living spaces with Japandi inspiration!) The style combines the Japanese practice of wabi-sabi, which concentrates on the acceptance of imperfection, and the Scandinavian hygge lifestyle, which seeks to find warmth and comfort in simplicity.

Why is Japandi Interior so Popular?

Whilst separately Japanese and Scandinavian home décor are classic styles, their combination, leading to the Japandi trend, is recently new. The infusion of the styles creates an exquisite living space that is both minimal and calming, with a unique mixture of materials and shades. Before you embark upon your interior design journey toward simplicity and cosiness, this is the perfect time to declutter your living space. However, organising your possessions doesn't have to be a chore. Netflix sensation Marie Kondo has coined ‘The KonMari Method’ to add joy into decluttering and we’ve created the ultimate KonMari method checklist to help you get started.

How can you Achieve Japandi Home Décor in your Living Space?

We love Japandi interior design because it can be applied to any room in your home, and the trend looks particularly eloquent in a home office, living room, bedroom, hallway or landing.

Colour Palette

Styling tip one: begin with neutrals Neutral and earthy tones should make up the body of your Japandi style living space. Think of oatmeal, stone or beige walls and furniture, and avoid white to create a calming space. Styling tip two: add a pop of Scandi shades Once you have established your neutrals, accent with Scandinavian shades such as pale blue, green, pink or grey. A subtle and intentional darker pop of colour, such as charcoal or navy, effectively stands out against the neutrals to provide a contrast of shades.

Sustainable Materials

Styling tip three: use sustainable natural materials Materials such as rattan and bamboo are ideal for creating a harmonious space. Top tip: look for pieces that will last a lifetime. The Japandi trend is not in one season and out the next, it is a timeless décor style that never goes out of fashion. Styling tip four: furnish with wood Wood is a key feature of Japanese architecture, and provides the clean and simple lines common with Scandi interior design. Try a wooden table, coffee table or bookshelf.Using wood in Japandi Interior Design Styling tip five: combine different textures Alongside your wooden and sustainable material centrepieces, experiment with different textures, such as metal to add variety.


Styling tip six: utilise sleek industrial lighting Sleek and low-key lighting is essential to creating a welcoming and calming room so, it’s best to avoid any large and bright lights. Styling tip seven: contrast low-key lighting with a Japanese lamp A stylish Japanese lampshade can add a welcomed pop of colour and provides more atmospheric lighting for the perfect zen room.


Styling tip eight: strive for minimalism The key to achieving the Japandi trend is maintaining a breathable and decluttered minimalist look. Only include furniture and accessories that you absolutely love and maintain blank space. Top tip: add weaved boxes or baskets to hide the possessions you can't part with for a polished look. Styling tip nine: add comfort and style A minimalist look doesn’t translate to a dull room, however. Consider adding thoughtfully curated accessories such as plants, cushions, rugs and beautiful Japanese scroll art to bring life into your space. Top tip: comfort not only involves visual aesthetics. For a completely tranquil space, consider burning incense, accompanied by an authentic Japanese incense holder.

Bonus Tip

Styling tip ten: incorporate individuality Simplicity does not mean you cannot put your own unique spin on your living space. Adding a timeless Japanese vase or an authentic Japanese photo frame to the room perfectly blends the simple with the aesthetic, leaving you with a living space others will be envious of!   The Japanese Shop is home to a wide range of authentic Japanese accessories to complete your Japandi interior renovation. Feeling the urge to transform your living space into a zen-like paradise with these easy tips yet? We certainly are!  
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