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Win a Silk Uchikake Kimono from The Japanese Shop!

We are giving away an authentic Uchikake Silk Wedding Kimono on our Facebook page!

tjs-qr-code The unique kimono we are giving away, known as Uchikake, is one of the more formal kimono, and for this reason, very valuable. Traditionally worn by the bride, it is heavily embroidered and usually worn over another kimono as a coat, with its thick, padded hem, trailing along the floor. Like our Uchikake, red is a popular colour for this type of kimono. Known to retail at anything from £5-£10,000, the Uchikake kimono can cost up to £1,500 to rent for a day. To win this fabulous prize, simply visit our Facebook page and click on the Sweepstakes Competition Tab. Alternatively just scan this QR Code:-

More about kimono:

Traditionally worn by men, women and children, a kimono is a full-length, T-shaped robe. It is straight-lined, ankle length, with a collar and long, wide sleeves. Kimono are wrapped around the body, (left side over right), and secured by a sash, also known as an obi, at the back. They are worn with traditional footwear, known as zōri or geta and split-toe socks, called tabi. Nowadays, women really only wear kimono on special occasions. Years ago, unmarried women would wear a Furisode kimono, with very long sleeves, whilst men would also wear kimono to events such as weddings and tea ceremonies. Many older men and women as well as professional sumo wrestlers can still be spotted wearing their kimono in public today. Please note: This is a vintage Kimono. It is in great condition but is not brand new. As such, it may have some small marks on it.
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