Collection: Short Kimono

Browse our wonderful range of Short Japanese Kimono made from the finest quality cotton and silk in beautiful colours and traditional Japanese designs. Complete with two pockets, one on each hip, they will fit ladies UK dress size 8 to 14 and are about knee length. Fashionable, sophisticated and luxuriously soft, they are super comfortable to wear and ideal for relaxing in at home or on holiday! Order your Japanese Short Kimono today with FREE UK delivery and FREE Japanese style gift wrapping!

All of our Short Kimono robes are made in Kyoto in the traditional Japanese style and are worn by wrapping left over right and fastening loosely at the front or back using the matching belt which is provided. Short Kimono can be worn as nightwear or more dressy over trousers or leggings and come with a standard three quarter length sleeve. Kimono, which means 'a thing to wear', are still commonly worn in Japan today!