Origami Ideas

Instructions, Ideas and Inspiration for Your Origami Projects

Got some origami paper but not sure what to do with it? This page provides links to a great selection of websites, providing you with all the origami ideas and inspiration you need. From step-by-step instructions to online communities, these resources will assist you along every step of your paper folding journey.


Origami Instructions

Origami Resource Center

A huge collection of free origami instructions to help you make everything from 3D stars and flowers to complex modular and geometric creations. Includes video tutorials, print-out origami diagrams and crease patterns, plus step-by-step guides in various languages.


Origami Spirit

Leyla Torres recognises the therapeutic benefits of origami and has created this website and blog to advocate “paper folding for peaceful living”. The site contains some very beautiful and artistic origami projects to suit everyone from beginners to experts.


Jo Nakashima on YouTube

Great selection of origami videos to suit all abilities, with models ranging from simple to complex. Including a number of figures inspired by popular culture (e.g. Star Wars and Super Mario) as well as some fabulous stationary and gift ideas.


Origami Ideas and Inspiration

Origami Database

This is effectively an origami search engine, with models, books, websites, instructions and diagrams submitted by users. It contains over 30,000 entries and can be searched by artist, keyword, and several other criteria.


Robert J Lang Origami

Lang is a pioneering force in the practice of mathematical origami, and has even applied his expertise to engineering problems such as air-bag design and expandable space telescopes. His scientific take on origami has enabled him to create models of astonishing detail and realism.


Origami Communities

British Origami Society

The British Origami Society is available for anyone to join and offers a number of exclusive members-only benefits, including a bimonthly magazine, regular meet-ups and unlimited access to their library. It costs around £20 to £30 to join but the website also contains some useful  diagrams and videos that are free for everyone to use.


The Origami Forum

Active community forum for discussion on all things origami-related. Join for general origami chit chat, help and advice and a monthly folding challenge.

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