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Celebrating Father's Day in Japan

Father's Day in Japan, or 父の日(chichi no hi), shares many similarities with the British holiday. Read on to learn how to celebrate Father's Day the Japanese way, and discover some Japanese messages to try in your greetings card!

Father's Day in Japan

Like in the UK, Father's Day in Japan is celebrated on the third Sunday of June – so in 2021, it falls on the 20th. Many families celebrate with a special meal, and Japanese children usually give their dads a small Father's Day gift, typically consisting of food, clothes or alcohol.

Japanese Father's Day Gift Ideas

Gourmet foods such as wagyu (deluxe Japanese beef), kabayaki unagi (grilled soy-glazed eel) and wagashi (traditional confection) make popular gifts for Father's Day in Japan, along with alcoholic drinks like local sake and shouchuu. However, many Japanese fathers favour quality time with their children over expensive gifts.

Whether you're celebrating Father's Day in Japan or the UK, one thing remains consistent: dads are notoriously difficult to buy for! We've put together twelve of our favourite gift ideas for Father's Day, whether your dad is interested in Japanese culture or you are, and you'd like to share it with him.

Images of each of the twelve Japanese Father's Day gift ideas listed below.
  1. The 'Happiness' Men's Kimono is an authentic Japanese Kimono. Emblazoned with the kanji for happiness, it makes the perfect Japanese Father’s Day gift for your dad.
  2. Our 'Long Life' Japanese Tea Cup set is a trio of genuine Japanese tableware. Each teacup features one of the kanji for happiness, long life, and good fortune. If you'd like to give your father something new to try, why not check out our blog post on seven types of Japanese tea?
  3. Surprise your father with this beautiful Crackleglaze Oblong Plate Set! This set is perfect for serving an authentic meal for a Japanese Father’s Day, complete with matching dipping sauce dishes, chopsticks, and chopstick rests. We recommend BBC Good Food’s soy and ginger salmon – easy to make and one of our favourite meals! Or, head to our Instagram and Facebook profiles to see more authentic Japanese recipes.
  4. If your loved one is already a fan of Japanese sake, why not select the Sasa Japanese Sake Set – a traditional ceramic set with beautiful bamboo grass detailing. Delicious hot or cold, sake is very popular in Japan, and with good reason.
  5. Showing your gratitude, love and respect for your father could not be easier with this beautiful 'Long Life’ Kanji Calligraphy Art by artist and wonderful friend of The Japanese Shop, Saren Nagata.
  6. Share a cup of tea, the Japanese way, with our classy Sumi Ceramic Japanese Teapot. The teapot is a traditional style with further matching tableware to collect - the Sumi collection has a gorgeous metallic shine but is made of charcoal ceramic.
  7. Our Handmade Japanese Tea Caddy Set is made from Cherry Bark and includes a Tea Caddy and traditional Japanese tea scoop. This set makes the ideal Japanese Father’s Day gift if you’d like to practise a Japanese tea ceremony together.
  8. If you’re gifting a culinary genius, why not surprise him with our Yoshihiro Japanese Knife? Exclusive to The Japanese Shop, The Yoshihiro knife is designed for professional chefs. Made of stain-resistant Damascus steel with a wood grain effect on the sides of the blade, this blade is unmatched for the perfect chef’s gift.
  9. Our traditional Wall Hanging Scrolls make a perfect gift for your father to decorate in a beautifully classic Japanese style. The Mount Fuji scroll is a vibrant and colourful furoshiki with dark wooden poles to hang it up.
  10. Your loved one will look and feel cool for the summer in our Men’s Cotton Japanese Yukata. Yukata are a summer kimono made in a lightweight material for comfort during these hot summer days. Confused between yukata and kimono? Don’t worry – check out our guide to the differences between them.
  11. The bright and colourful Samurai Japanese Kokeshi doll is known to be a token of love – perfect to show your dad just how much you love him! Each doll is given a unique name by its craftsman, making each doll truly unique.
  12. The Japanese incense ceremony (or Kōdō) is another cultural must, so if your father is interested in Japanese culture, why not buy him his own incense tray? This one comes in a cool mint colour and is perfectly angled so that all the dropping ash will be caught. We also offer a range of incense so you can find just the right fragrance.

Father’s Day in Japan shares many similarities with Father’s Day in the UK, but we think these gorgeous presents make a Japanese Father’s Day a great theme to celebrate this year.

How do I say ‘Happy Father’s Day’ in Japanese?

We have a fantastic selection of greeting cards here at The Japanese Shop, which can be added to your order with a customised message. If your loved one is a Japanese enthusiast, why not try writing out some of the following Japanese Father’s Day messages? We have included rōmaji (the Latin transliteration of kanji script) underneath the kanji to make it easy to pronounce for novices.

You may not be celebrating Father’s Day in Japan, but these gifts will help you share in some of its cultural beauty. We have plenty more authentic, traditional, beautiful and unique gifts available with free gift wrapping, which is sure to make a special someone’s Father’s Day!

Whoever you spend yours with – and however you celebrate it – we wish you and your family a happy and healthy day. To learn more about Japanese celebrations and festivals, please have a look at our blog. For more Japanese Father’s Day gift ideas, we have more suggestions on our shop.

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