Japanese Beauty Secrets You Need to Try

Japanese Beauty Secrets You Need to Try

Alongside the healthy Japanese lifestyle and impressively long life expectancy, the Japanese are also well-regarded for their healthy and youthful appearance. It’s something that many people envy – how do the Japanese manage to live longer and look better? We’re going to touch upon the Japanese beauty secrets responsible for their notoriously healthy-looking skin, including some less obvious Japanese skincare secrets that could add a whole new dimension to your beauty routine. Here are the Japanese Beauty Secrets you need to try:

Camellia Oil

Japanese Camellia Rejuvenating oils are often incorporated into a Japanese skincare routine as a great way of hydrating the skin. Although some people steer away from using oils on their face, particularly those with oily skin, many oils are still thought to have amazing benefits when incorporated into a skincare routine. Camellia oil, also known as Tsubaki oil, is thought to be anti-ageing with great moisturisation benefits. In fact, some people even use it on their hair! Derived from the seeds of the wild Camellia Japonica flower, this oil has been used for centuries in Japan and is well-regarded as a Japanese beauty product. To use, simply put a few small drops onto your hand and rub it into the skin. It’s fast-absorbing and silky in texture, great for solving dryness, exposure to the sun, and natural ageing.

Green Tea

Green Tea - a Japanese Beauty Secret We’re already aware of the brilliant health benefits associated with green tea. If these weren’t enough reason to incorporate it into your daily lifestyle, green tea is also another Japanese skincare secret that can help your skin and improve your beauty regime. Packed full of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties, a high concentration of the tea on skin can help areas of acne. And as well as applying it to the skin, drinking green tea is also thought to help skin to look and feel healthy. Matcha tea a much higher concentration than regular green tea as it is made from 100% green tea leaf, in powder form. Due to its higher concentration, it is considered to be even better than regular green tea when it comes to health benefits, which we touched upon in our Japanese-Style Detox post. If you decide to try this Japanese beauty secret, there are various ways to apply green tea to the skin, so take a look and find the method that appeals to you most!

Adzuki Exfoliator 

Adzuki Beans The Japanese skincare secrets don’t stop there. Adzuki, a type of red bean, sometimes feature in Japanese skincare routines and has done for centuries. Ground down versions of the bean make a brilliant facial exfoliator, great for gently buffing the skin and giving it a fresh lease of life. This gentle exfoliation is beneficial for reducing acne and giving you that healthy, youthful skin. Online instructions demonstrate an easy way to create a homemade adzuki scrub for you to be able to make yourself!

Seaweed Products 

Seaweed Japanese Skincare Secret Seaweed features as another of Japan’s beauty secrets. You might not consider seaweed as much more than some algae that grows in the ocean, and although it is just that, it has various and somewhat surprising benefits to your skin. In Japan, seaweed products are used to tone and cleanse the skin, resulting in a healthy glow and minimised pores. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go rogue and rub seaweed straight from the ocean onto your face – there are plenty of seaweed products on the market that can help you to achieve the desired effect!

Steamy Baths

Bathing Japanese Beauty Secret Another of Japan’s beauty secrets is as simple as having a hot bath. Many Japanese men and women make having a steamy bath a frequent ritual, incorporating oils that help to soften and nourish the skin. Some even exfoliate their whole body before stepping into the bath, removing any dead skin cells and exposing the healthy skin cells. Hot baths helps to open the pours and cleanse the skin thoroughly, which, followed by a good skincare routine, can result in wonderfully glowing skin. The concept of bathing before bed is also thought of as a great way to de-stress, which in turn helps to maintain healthy skin.

Face Massage 

Massaging the Face During Skincare Routine Japanese skin and beauty guru, Chizu Saeki, places an emphasis on massaging the face when applying product to it. Chizu has actually identified a massage routine that she believes will keep your skin tight and youthful, starting on the forehead, down to the cheeks and chin, then around the eye area. Massaging your face in this way helps to stimulate the face muscles and enhance the circulation, helping your to skin to look beautiful and healthy. Could this be a Japanese skincare secret that you could get onboard with?

Low-Sugar Diet

Healthy Diet as Part of a Japanese Skincare Routine Japanese culture has cottoned onto the effect of diet on skin. Incorporating the right things into your diet can make a huge difference on helping you to achieve a healthy appearance. This is why many people in Japan make sure to incorporate lots of vegetables and fish into the diet, which contains lots of important Omega-3 that is great for healthy skin. These foods are low in sugar, which can be damaging to the skin when consumed in large quantities.   If you’re looking to enhance your current beauty regime, why not try more of a Japanese skincare routine? Many of these beauty secrets are simple to do and incorporate into your routine. Take a leaf out of the Japanese beauty book and try something new, you might be amazed at the benefits! With relaxation being an extremely important technique for helping you to look and feel rejuvenated, our Japanese Incense sticks are the perfect accompaniment to help you to relax and unwind.
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