Collection: Mizuhiki

The Japanese Shop is delighted to introduce you to Mizuhiki, an ancient Japanese artform, traditionally used to tie up the hair of the samurai!

Modern Japanese mizuhiki uses a special cord called a Mizuhiki Paper Cord which has been created from rice paper, tightly wound, starched to give it stiffness and then coloured with mylar, which is a very thin plastic.

In Japan the art of Mizuhiki has become very popular with craft enthusiasts who make beautiful colourful decorations of knots, boats and a variety of animals such as frogs, fish, dragons, turtles, butterflies and cranes! In turn these exquisite designs are often affixed to special greetings cards, called Shugi Bukuro, which are usually given at births, weddings and funerals!


Order your Mizuhiki online and have it gift wrapped free of charge, to make up the perfect Japanese gift for a friend or loved one.