New Range of Printed Origami Paper Now in Stock

Good news for all folding enthusiasts: we have just updated our online store with some beautiful new sets of printed origami paper. Let’s take a look… Printed origami paperFrom left to right: floral printed origami paper, maiko printed origami paper, mixed patterns origami paper, Japanese toy origami paper; all available at The Japanese Shop

About Our Printed Origami Paper

Each set contains 20 sheets of high quality, authentic Japanese printed origami paper. Within each set, there are four different colours and patterns to choose from:
  • Floral printed origami paper: flowers of the four seasons. These include cherry blossom, morning glory, maple and plum, with the patterns sitting on pale pink, blue, orange and purple backgrounds respectively.
  • Maiko printed origami paper: different maiko (trainee geisha girl) characters on pale pink, yellow, blue and green backgrounds.
  • Mixed patterns origami paper: a wonderful combination of cats, sweets, penguins, and hats and shoes on pale cream, pink, yellow and green backgrounds.
  • Japanese toy origami paper: temari (brightly coloured balls), bells, windmills and gourds.
These sets of origami paper are ideal whether you’re a beginner or an advanced enthusiast, as they’re neither too thin nor too thick to work with and produce great results. If you want some ideas, I recommend the aptly named My favourite? Pikachu!

Pssst…Matcha green tea

… we have also now added matcha green tea powder to our online store. Also spelled maccha, this is the finely powdered tea traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. More recently it has been used as flavouring and dye in foods like mochi (Japanese rice cake), soba noodles, ice cream and confectionary. The health benefits of matcha green tea are said to exceed those of green tea in bag or leaf form, as the whole leaf is ingested rather than just the brewed water. Proponents believe it contains more antioxidants and is also more effective in promoting weight loss, lowering blood pressure and reducing stress. If you would like to order anything mentioned in this post, head over to The Japanese Shop, where you can find a fabulous range of origami paper, Japanese food and drink, and much more besides.
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