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The Best Places to Eat in Oita and Yokohama While Visiting for the Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing, and if you’re lucky enough to be in Japan to watch the games, you may well be keen to enjoy local culture - in particular, the food. If you were hoping to see a bar guide, fear not. We’ve got your Japanese beverage needs covered in our previous blog post, so you can rest assured with your favourite tipple in hand. So, where is the best food in Yokohama? And which Oita restaurants do we recommend?


Heichinro Yokohama Honten

Home to Asia’s largest Chinatown, you can find hundreds of Chinese restaurants lining the streets. Yes, it may seem counterintuitive to eat Chinese food in Japan, but Yokohama is famous for its excellent Chinese cuisine. If you don’t know where to start, try this highly rated option. 

Try this dish: Dim sum. With its consistently good reviews and freshness, you can’t go wrong.

best food in yokohama
Image courtesy of Heichinro Yokohama Honten


When in Japan, teppanyaki is a must! The art of watching the skilful and quick chefs whip up an impressive meal is excellent group entertainment. Carefully selected seafood and beef steak are cooked teppanyaki style for an authentic and interactive Japanese cuisine experience. The seasonal plates keep the menu fluid and exciting.

Try this dish: Don’t leave without trying the perfectly cooked, sumptuous steak (unless you’re a vegetarian, of course!)

yokohama restaurants
Image courtesy of Ukai-Tei

Katsuretsu An

Founded in 1927, Katsuretsu stays true to its Yokohama roots and channels Japanese tradition in its cuisine and décor. In particular, the restaurant prides itself upon secret recipes that have stood the test of time. Come here for affordable and authentic food in bento boxes or as a banquet service.

Try this dish: The tonkatsu is famous but if you prefer seafood, why not try the shrimp bites?

yokohama food
Image courtesy of Katsuretsu An


Naruto Udon

For traditional noodles in the heart of Beppu, this is the place! There are three branches of Naruto Udon, so you shouldn’t be too far from one of them while in Oita. 

Try this dish: The udon noodles that come in three different sized portions!

Authentic Japanese ramen with varied toppings, served with seaweed-wrapped rice and pickles


If you’re on a budget, Tenshinken is an affordable option in Beppu City, Oita. The menu offers options varying from classic Shokudo dishes to local cuisine – something for everyone!

Try this dish: This local delicacy, toriten, is particularly popular and can be compared to chicken fingers with an impressive tempura coating.


For something a little more refined and upmarket, make reservations at Kikusaikou. This Oita restaurant impressively has two Michelin stars and describes itself as serving Japanese dishes with rich, savoury aromas and unusual ingredients to stimulate the senses. The perfect place to celebrate a win!

Try this dish: Enjoy the seasonal changes and surprise the menu brings!

A gourmet fish dish served on an authentic blue Japanese plate garnished with purple flowers
Image courtesy of Kikusaikou

Now we’ve shared some of the best food in Yokohama and top Oita restaurants; you’re all set for some competitive sport, fantastic food, and excellent drinks. What more could you want? Whatever it is, you can probably find it in our shop.

For more information on things to do in Oita, check out our blog post and be sure to read our Yokohama travel guide! And before tucking into some delicious Japanese food, familiarise yourself with all-important Japanese table etiquette.

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