Japanese Origami Valentines Day

Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts from Japan

Capture their heart this Valentine's Day with authentic Japanese gifts that will be cherished for years to come. If you want to treat your loved one to something a little different this Valentine's Day, where better to seek inspiration than the land of the rising sun? From flowing silk kimono to nodding maneki-neko (lucky cats), these lovingly handpicked Valentine's Day gifts from Japan are sure to make your significant other smile. Red Silk Kimono 1. Wrap your loved one in luxury with an indulgent silk kimono, perfect for those lazy evenings and weekends snuggling up on the sofa. If silk is beyond your budget, choose a cotton kimono with a traditional Japanese style that's truly timeless. 2. If your loved one is an art enthusiast, you can’t go too far wrong with an awe-inspiring ukiyo-e (literally ‘picture of the floating world’; a traditional-style Japanese woodblock print). There are some amazing reproductions available, crafted by hand using traditional techniques, and you can also get posters for a more purse-friendly alternative. 3. A magnificent, traditional-style Japanese porcelain vase is guaranteed to take your partner’s breath away. Fill it with roses or choose your flowers using the principles of hanakotoba (the ‘language of flowers’) for added authenticity and make your gift extra special. Couples Kokeshi Dolls4. If you want to grow old together, let it be known with these adorable hand-painted wooden kokeshi dolls for couples. The wooden sign reads gochoju (long life) in kanji characters and the set makes a great ornament to treasure in the home. 5. Set the scene for a romantic dinner for two at home and burn some authentic and beautifully scented Japanese incense. With so many scents and designs to choose from they can be ideal for aromatherapy or meditation or just creating a calm, relaxing spiritual environment around the home. 6. Treat your loved one to a handmade Japanese jewellery box which has been crafted by hand from wild cherry bark and lined with soft cream felt for a luxurious look and feel. Place a surprise inside the box or leave the incredible craftsmanship to do all the talking.Japanese Tea Set 7. Struggling to put your feelings into words? Put them into kanji instead with one of these contemporary prints by celebrated artist Saren Nagata. Designs include ‘Dream Come True’, ‘You Made a Difference’, ‘We Belong Together’. 8. If food is the key to a man’s heart, then a good brew is the master key that can win the affections of any man or woman. A traditional-style Japanese tea set is perfect for sipping in style, whether they drink matcha (ground green tea) or Yorkshire Tea. 9. Handmade in Japan, authentic Japanese folding fans are the perfect Valentine's Day gift for those with an interest in geisha culture and/or Japanese fashion. Other designs include everything from golden dragons to prints of Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’. In Japanese culture, they are often given as gifts on special occasions and what better occasion is there than a day filled with love! Read more about Japanese gift giving on Valentine's Day  and the unique cultural traditions which surround the day. 10. Express your wishes for a long and happy relationship with a small feng shui love lucky cat. This is a great gift for those wishing to charm a secret admirer or for those in a blossoming relationship as it will help the recipient become lucky in love! You could also choose a gold one to bring them prosperity in a new venture, or a green one to wish them luck with their studies. If you want to know all the meanings of our lucky cats, read our informative blog post outlining all the colours and their symbolism. We hope this selection of Valentine's Day gifts from Japan has provided you with all the inspiration you need to find the perfect gift. To order any of these items or browse our unique collection of Japanese gifts online, visit our website and don’t forget to take advantage of our free gift wrapping service for the perfect finishing touch.
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