Collection: Buddhas

Buddha Gifts from The Japanese Shop

We offer a collection of small Buddha Gifts, which make an ideal gift for lovers of Japanese culture. Made in Japan, these authentic Japanese Buddhas include a tiny crystal glass Buddha, a wooden Buddha Kokeshi Doll, and a set of ceramic Buddha figures. 

In Japan, Buddha, meaningenlightenedone, is commonly regarded as a God or Prophet as most Japanese people still practise the Buddhist way of life. Buddhism and the significance of Buddha holds strong cultural and religious roots in Japan after spreading into Japanese culture from India in the 6th century. With Buddha holding such significance, we have collated a few beautiful Japanese Buddha Gifts to show you. 

Buy your Buddha Doll online today and have it beautifully gift wrapped free of charge for yourself or as a specialJapanese giftfor a loved one. Our Buddha Gifts look great on mantle pieces, tables and shelves, and can help to inject a feeling of happiness and calm to your home or office.