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Good luck, fortune, health and happiness are things we all want, and with our collection of Japanese good luck charms, you can encourage your own positive energy or send good vibes to a friend or loved one.

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The ancient traditions of Japan invest in a superstition that shares good fortune, often celebrated with the gift of a Lucky Cat. A Lucky Cat, known as maneki-neko, can be quickly identified by its upright paw, a characteristic which is believed to symbolise the cat physically 'waving-in' the good fortune for its owner. These instantly-recognisable Japanese good luck charms make perfect presents.

Our other available Japanese good luck charms include gorgeous crystal animals and lucky owls in a variety of colours to promote good fortune in everything from love and health to work and study. Additionally, check out our collection of omamori, which are lucky talismans typically bought in Japanese shrines; you can customise them for good fortune in any endeavour!

Browse our collection of Japanese good luck gifts, and whichever one you choose, you will always have that extra bit of luck on your side. To see more, why not browse our full collection of Japanese gifts?